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Q: Is Keepac manufacturer?

A: Yes, we design and build single packing machine unit and also full packing line solutions for ourself.

Q: When Keepac started and where located?

A:  Keepac is located in Jun'an Town, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province from 2010.

Q:  What project can Keepac do?

A:  Various premade pouches, such as 3 side seal, stand up doypack pouch, zip-lock pouch, etc;

Various PE or laminated filmm roll for back seal or gussette bags;

Auto can/bottle/plastic bucket/Jar/case fill seal machine or full turn-key project;

Q:  What material can keepac handle and pack?

A:  From Liquid, fine or sticky powder, grain and irregular grains and frozen fruit or vegetables, etc.

Q:  What industry Keepac can apply for?

A:   Pet food, beans, powder, liquid, confectionary, plastic, hardware, or frozen food, etc.

Q:  What's Keepac, Miniweigh and Easy-belt for?

A:  Keepac is main for mini doypack and vertical form fill seal machines.

Miniweigh is main for various weight filler as per project specs, linear weigher and multihead, etc.

Easy-belt is main for high quality material handling equipments, such as conveyors, etc.

What we have is for full support our clients requests with the biggest satisfaction;

Q: Are your staff available for oversea installation and service:

A:  Yes, we can arrange our staff to make overseas service as per request.

Q:  Talk about Keepac advantages:

A:  1. Rich-experience for various material and industry field from 2010;

2. Original and professional R&D teamworker for technical support;

3.  Modern real working facility for strict quality control;

4. Flexible ODM & OEM ability.


Contact: Mr. John Ouyang

Phone: +86 13380244498

Tel: +86 0757-25510020


Add: 2 No.6 Xincheng West Road Xincheng Industry Area Shapu , Jun’an Town Shunde Foshan City Guangdong Provice, China.

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