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Service Backup

Keepac's Overseas Service Backup Rules:
Ⅰ. We guarantee the whole machine for 12 months from the date of shipment;

Ⅱ. Within the warranty period, as for the malfunction on our machines, the replacement of spare parts and courier fees will be free of charge, but our engineer's traveling expense, daily accommodation and compensation will be paid according to our standard;

Ⅲ. As for the problems happened out of the warranty period, or caused by wrong operation or repair without authorization within the length of warranty, service charges need to be paid as below:

A - Our engineer will charge for reimbursement according to their round-traveling tickets, the return ticket can be sent to you after our repairmen come back.
B - The accommodation compensation for our engineer will be counted from the date of their leaving our company to the date of their finishing repairing, and it can be applied for reimbursement according to our company rules (120USD/day).
C - From the repair date on, we will guarantee all the repaired parts for half year.

Ⅳ. Installation. If client need our engineer to their factory for installation and training operators, client have to bear for round air tickets, food, translation, transportation and hotel in service country, and compensation 120USD/day for the enineer.


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