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Quality Assurance

A.  Thanks for your interests and confidence to Keepac, welcome any suggestions to us.
B.  Most of our units are made to order, please contact and check with our sales online or by email about the packing material, weight range, packing type and speed, etc.
C.  We'll keep you updated in time for the production preparation station once you confirm the order with deposit confirmation.
D.  Welcome to send us sample material, packing film or pouches for our testing and we feedback with you the testing report and suitable packing solution.
E.  Local service agent is available, in order to better support our local end-users, we can arrange our local agent to make installation, commission and training. Of course, if needed, we can arrange our serviceman to make service according to our company overseas service standard.
F.  We keep researching and developing more and more products to meet the growing progress and customized project specifications.
G.  Keepac - to be your most reliable cooperation partner is our puisuit, we'rell try
our test to supply excellent goods with professional practical technical support.


Contact: Mr. John Ouyang

Phone: +86 13380244498

Tel: +86 0757-25510020


Add: 2 No.6 Xincheng West Road Xincheng Industry Area Shapu , Jun’an Town Shunde Foshan City Guangdong Provice, China.

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